Cutting Edge Technology in Nuclear Medicine: First Imaging System of its Kind in Canada

GATINEAU, March 19, 2015 – Today at the Hull’s Hospital, the Gatineau Health Foundation and the ‘’CSSS de Gatineau’’ unveiled the most technologically advanced nuclear medicine equipment in the world and a first in Canada: the SPECT/TDM Symbia Intevo™ gamma camera system with xSPECT Bone, IQ-SPECT and T16 options.


The System

The SPECT/TDM gamma camera, approved by Health Canada in fall 2014, is a nuclear medicine imaging system that provides extremely precise images for, among other things, certain orthopedic and cardiac tests. The Hull’s Hospital system’s defining features are its model (Symbia Intevo™) and its xSPECT Bone, IQ-SPECT and T16 options, which are state of the art. The new gamma camera can view pathologies in high resolution, render the invisible visible, and offer a more precise and conclusive diagnosis. Only one examination is required, vs. two or three for conventional technology. Its diagnostic precision and speed lets patients begin treatment sooner if necessary, and it is more comfortable for clients – an especially important consideration when performing tests on the elderly.


The xSPECT Bone solution will help doctors detect and distinguish between cancerous lesions and degenerative bone disorders, for example, while IQ-SPECT will be used in specialized tests for heart patients. With the new system, myocardial scans can be taken in less time while using less radiation than standard technology.


“With this equipment, we have become the nuclear medicine leader in Quebec and the rest of Canada. I am honoured to be part of this Canadian cutting-edge team in medical imaging”, said Dr. François Raymond, Head of Nuclear Medicine at ‘’CSSS de Gatineau.’’


‘’CSSS de Gatineau’’ is proud to be the first in Canada to have the SPECT/TDM gamma camera.  “By acquiring this system, the Department of Nuclear Medicine has gone a long way toward improving health care for all Outaouais residents”, said Mr. Denis Marleau, Acting Executive Director of the ‘’CSSS de Gatineau’’.


 Role of Gatineau Health Foundation

As with other major projects, the Gatineau Health Foundation (with support from its donors) helped fund the purchase of the SPECT/TDM gamma camera. Its contribution allowed the ‘’CSSS de Gatineau’’ to acquire a system with many invaluable features that has put it at the head of its field in Quebec and the rest of Canada. “The Foundation is proud to have played a role in acquiring the gamma camera’s Symbia Intevo model and xSPECT Bone option. It is a perfect example of the added value we bring to the ‘’CSSS de Gatineau’’ when acquiring new high-technology systems”, said Mr. Jean Bernier, Gatineau Health Foundation’s Acting Executive Director.




The Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to help CSSS Gatineau achieve its goal of ensuring the health and well-being of members of the community it serves.


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