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The birth of a child is a very special event. To make it even more special, we are seeking your help for two major projects that aim to improve childbirth services and encourage local families to give birth in Outaouais rather than Ontario hospitals. The primary goal is to bring more than 800 births a year back to Gatineau.
The first project is to renovate the Gatineau Hospital perinatal unit, where a number of LDRP rooms (Labour, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum) will be built. An LDRP room offers families all childbirth services in one location, in an intimate setting. The second project is to build a new, more modern and adapted Maison de naissance de l’Outaouais (see back of this letter for more details).
The Gatineau Health Foundation has set a fundraising goal of $1,550,000 for these projects. We will reach this target with your help, which is why we are appealing to your generosity today. With your invaluable support, more local mothers can give birth in optimal conditions at the Gatineau Hospital and/or the Maison de naissance de l’Outaouais.
To make the most of your contribution, we invite you to consider annual donations for the next three years (project’s estimated construction time). Help to build the future of local families, by helping us build a welcoming, intimate and more modern environment!



Project: Renovation of the Gatineau Hospital Perinatal Unit


Women who want to give birth in Gatineau will have an entirely different experience when renovations are finished in 2018. The Gatineau Hospital’s third floor will be fully refitted, turning the current rooms into 32 LDRP rooms (Labour, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum) where women can give birth in complete privacy without changing location. At present, nearly 3,000 children are born at the Gatineau Hospital each year – a number that the renovations will help increase.


Overall objectives :

  • Increase the annual number of births in Outaouais by more than 800;
  • Modernize facilities and ensure they comply with standards LDRP rooms;
  • Improve client satisfaction by giving families more privacy.



Project: Construction of new Maison de naissance de l’Outaouais

The Maison de naissance has become the choice for more and more women who seek an alternative to the hospital when giving birth. Every year, nearly 300 children in our region are delivered by 11 midwives – a rich and rewarding family experience! The current site of the Maison de naissance de l’Outaouais (the former St-Jean-Marie-Vianney Cathedral rectory) is obsolete and no longer meets today’s needs. Construction of the new Maison de naissance de l’Outaouais is underway and scheduled to finish in spring 2016.


Overall objectives:

  • Continue the mandate to provide front-line services close to home;
  • Expand the range of services for clients in the region;
  • Provide care and services in a more appropriate setting and environment;
  • Provide a continuum of free health care in collaboration with the CISSS de l’Outaouais.



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