Mental health scholarships

This program is for people with a mental illness. The goal of the scholarships is to make it easier for recipients to resume their studies and return to active workforce.


The scholarship program lets recipients complete unfinished studies or begin new courses, whether at the high school, college, university or professional development level.


A scholarship can help pay for enrolment fees, tuition, books and supplies, and travel expenses.


Before the Selection Committee can review a file, a candidate must meet all the following eligibility criteria:


  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Have lived in the Outaouais for at least 5 years
  • Have been diagnosed with a mental illness by a ‘‘CSSS de Gatineau’’ psychiatrist or an affiliated psychiatrist
  • Be regularly followed up by one of the following:
    • Psychiatrist
    • Psychologist
    • Doctor
    • Educator
    • Occupational therapist
    • Guidance counsellor
    • Psychoeducator
    • Social worker
    • Other mental health worker
  • Have serious plans to return to school
  • Have applied (or agreed to apply) for a loan, bursary or scholarship from the Quebec Ministry of Education
  • Complete the “Application for Scholarship” form and send it to the Gatineau Health Foundation
  • Complete the “Medical Information Disclosure Consent” form and send it to the Gatineau Health Foundation
  • Submit the required documents at least two weeks before the Selection Committee meets. The Committee meets three times a year:
    • 1st week of October
    • 1st week of February
    • 1st week of May


Would you like to apply for a scholarship? To see the form, click here.


Jean Bernier
Development and Communications Director
Gatineau Health Foundation
116 Boul. Lionel-Emond, Suite B-202, Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 1W7
819-966-6200, ext. 5934


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