A Unique and Innovative Year for Les Rêves de Monique


Each year, Les Rêves de Monique’s hardworking committee organizes a high-profile and emotionally charged fashion show that puts the spotlight on breast cancer survivors, local clothing stores and incredible artists, singers and volunteers. This year, due to serious concerns for the health and safety of survivors, at-risk individuals, volunteers, technicians and audience members — some of which have supported our campaign for 12 years — the committee made the difficult decision to cancel the event.


In spite of this, Les Rêves de Monique’s team is adopting new strategies to maintain its fundraising commitments in the hopes of reaching its goal of $75,000. As we all know, cancer never rests, so the fight must continue.


Les Rêves de Monique is particularly proud to announce the Choquette-Legault Foundation’s generous contribution of $15,000 !


Pictured : Vanessa Pilotte, Choquette-Legault Foundation, Monique Bourassa Founding-president of Les Rêves de Monique & Camylle Legault, Choquette-Legault Foundation


This year, some great new features will be introduced, such as short vignettes featuring cancer survivors and fighters, as well as an online virtual auction. We invite you to follow Les Rêves de Monique’s Facebook page for more details and breaking news about other great initiatives that will be announced soon.


The benefits from this 12th edition of Les Rêves de Monique will fund a software upgrade project for the CISSS de l’Outaouais’s pathology laboratory.


To find more information on the funding project or make a donation to Les Rêves de Monique today, please visit lesrevesdemonique.com.




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