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Mr. Maurice Marois

(Left to right) : M. Jean Pigeon, Director general of the Gatineau Health Foundation, M. Maurice Marois and Mrs. Louise Poirier, President of the Gatineau Health Foundation.

Mr. Maurice Marois has supported the Foundation since 1996, both personally and through his respected Outaouais business. He has taken part in various public events over the years, whether by buying tickets or supporting people who faced challenges for the benefit of the Foundation. In 2003 he made his first important gesture, with a $50,000 donation (pledged over five years) in support of the “pour un hôpital en santé !” campaign. In 2013, to help make a difference and improve health care in the ‘’Outaouais CISSS’’ hospitals, Mr. Marois made an extraordinary donation of $500,000 to the Foundation. Describing himself as a fortunate man who has been spoiled by life, this generous individual wished to achieve two things: 1) to give back to the people of his community, who had always supported his business; and 2) to thank the ‘’CSSS de Gatineau’’ doctors, who had always taken good care of him. This donation will allow him to leave a lasting memory with the dedication of the Hull Hospital emergency wing. Thank you for your exceptional commitment, Mr. Marois!

Mr. Gilles Desjardins

Mr. Gilles Desjardins , president of Brigil and distinguished citizen of the region, has done an exceptional gift of  $500,000 to the Gatineau Health Foundation. Following this gift, his contribution toward the Foundation will amount to nearly 1.3 million, the largest sum ever devoted since its creation. This great friend of the Foundation that supported us already for over 20 years by his generosity, deserves our admiration. This gift of $ 500,000 is a way of thanking the Gatineau population who allowed him to succeed in business. Mr. Desjardins sincerely believes that a healthy community contributes to the success and dynamism of the people of the same community.

 As a tribute and thanks for this gesture of exceptional generosity, a dedication for life will be affixed on the building as well as the recognition plate installed inside the Gatineau Hospital Cancer Centre.


Mr. Gilles Desjardins and his spouse, Mrs. Céline Bériault.

Mr. Ernest Lafortune

Mr. Ernest Lafortune has made the largest donation in the Foundations history, becoming the first to give $1 million. In its dealings with Mr. Lafortune, the Foundation team came to know the man behind the amazing success of Margarine Golden Gate-Michca. This individual, instilled with the values of respect, hard work and vision, is an extremely generous family man. A native of Pointe-Gatineau, he is proud to give back to the community in which he has lived his whole life.

In recognition for his outstanding commitment, the new Gatineau Hospital emergency wing has been named in honour of Mr. Lafortune and his wife Dorilda Leduc. This dedication will be permanent, as will the recognition plaque in the ER.

Ernest Lafortune

(left to right): Mr. Marc Villeneuve, CEO, Gatineau Health Foundation; Ms. Sylvie Lafortune; Mr. Ernest Lafortune; and Mr. Yves Ducharme, Chair, Gatineau Health Foundation


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