Who are we?

Our mission

Raise funds to have an impact on the well-being and health of the Outaouais community in partnership with the Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Center.

Our vision

Act as an essential lever to ensure exceptional quality of health care and social services. HERE, IN OUR REGION!

Our values

All actions of the Board of Directors and our employees, volunteers and partners will be based on fundamental values ​​that we endorse:





Word from the members of the Board of Directors of the Gatineau Health Foundation

As members of the Gatineau Health Foundation’s Board of Directors, we invite you to support the Outaouais CISSS. Improving the quality of health care must be a concern for all citizens. If each individual contributes to the extent of his means, we can ensure the maintenance and development of our health services.


Board of Directors

Mrs. Louise Poirier *


Ms. Sophie Lemaire *


Director of Wealth Management and Mutual Funds Representative, Patry, Poulin, Trahan and Associates Inc.

Dr Josée Bussières*


Doctor, Outaouais CISSS

Mr. Charles Beaudoin*


President, Divalco

Mr. Luc Cadieux



Ms. Bettyna Bélizaire


Coordinator, Association des femmes immigrantes de l’Outaouais (AFIO)

Mtre Mathieu Turpin


Notary, PME Inter Notaires

Mr. Jean Tourigny


Management Advisor

Ms. Nadine Bigras


Lawyer, RGPL Avocats

Mr. Tony Priftakis


Restaurant Owner, Buffet des Continents, Ottavio

Ms. Caroline Malo


Director General, Le Groupe P.F. Brisson Peinture Inc.

Mr. Mario Leblanc


CRHA, Leblanc & associés

Mtre Véronique Semexant


Notary, Notaire inc.

Mr. Jean Pigeon*

Director General

Gatineau Health Foundation

Governance Committee

Louise Poirier, President, GHF President

Alexandre Martel

Jean Pigeon, General Manager, GHF

Jean Tourigny, Board member

Audit Committee

Sophie Beaulieu, President, External Member

Charles Beaudoin, Board member

François Leblanc

Serge Leyan, Finance director, GHF

Jean Pigeon, General Manager, GHF

Jean Tourigny, Board member

Communications Committee

Caroline Malo, President, Board member

Kimberley Biggs

Denis Bouchard

Martin Godcher

Caroline Hudon, Communications / Marketing & Events Director, GHF

Natalie Lamont

Jean Pigeon, General Manager, GHF

Louise Poirier, GHF President

Human Resources Committee

Mtre Nadine Bigras, President, Board member

Kadiatou Bah, HR Consultant, Benefits, GHF

Luc Cadieux, Board member

Mario Leblanc, Board member

Jean Pigeon, General Manager, GHF

Investment Committee

Charles Beaudoin, President, Board Member

Sophie Lemaire, Vice President of the Board

Serge Leyan, Director of Finance, GHF

Pierre Mousseau

Business Activities Committee

Tony Priftakis, President, Board Member

Bettyna Bélizaire, Board Member

Ghizlane Maalmi, Commercial Director, GHF

Major Donations Committee

Dr Josée Bussières, President, Board Member

Dr Sonia Brisson

Real Castonguay

Chantal Dompierre, Director of major donations and planned gifts, GHF

Nathalie Lapierre

Claude Poirier Defoy

Joint Philanthropic Coordination Committee

Luc Cadieux, President, Board Member

Dr Josée Bussières, Board Member

Jean Pigeon, General Manager, GHF

Louise Poirier, President of the Board

Planned Donations Committee

Sophie Lemaire, Vice President of the Board

Natacha Asselin Guay

Chantal Dompierre, Director of major donations and planned gifts, GHF

Mtre Alexandre Sirois-Traham

Mtre Mathieu Turpin

Last updated: 2021/01/06


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