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A Green Wall for the CHSLD Lionel-Émond Nursing Home


Since common areas are the main gathering places in CHSLDs, they play a major role in the daily lives of residents. In order to make this space a pleasant and stimulating living environment, the Gatineau Health Foundation partnered with the Forget For a Moment Foundation to finance the construction of a “living wall” covered with greenery and flowers at the CHSLD Lionel Émond.


The same type of initiative, which has been shown to have beneficial effects, has also been carried out in another CHSLD in the region. The new living wall will help foster a more soothing and welcoming environment while providing a taste of nature for residents all year round.


Acquisition of A Mira Foundation Emotional Support Dog

Research has shown that the presence of a pet helps decrease stress in children dealing with trauma. Thanks to a $30,000 investment by the Foundation, the Youth Protection Branch (YPD) was able to acquire Brao, a Mira emotional support dog.

Electric Beds for The CHSLD Renaissance Nursing Home

The Gatineau Health Foundation helped purchase 37 electric beds, each equipped with 4 bedrails, along with 37 mattresses designed for pressure-sore prevention. Thanks to the Foundation’s $185,000 investment, the risk of dangerous falls will decrease for residents of the CHSLD Renaissance nursing home.

Pediatric Ophthalmic Surgery

The Foundation helped establish a pediatric ophthalmology service, a previously unavailable offering in Gatineau. Whereas children once had to travel to Ottawa for consultations or surgery, they can now access specialized pediatric care directly in Gatineau.

Overhaul of the food supply in the establishments of the Outaouais CISSS

Over the past year, the CISSS Outaouais has gone through a complete overhaul of its food supply. Funding provided by the Foundation was instrumental in the purchase of vital equipment for this project, such as rethermalizer carts for meal distribution, a cooling chamber, quick freezers and other equipment for the preparation of meals at the production centre. In addition, the Foundation’s contribution enabled the acquisition of equipment used to prepare meals with various, specific textures to meet the needs of of dysphagic CHSLD nursing home residents, who account for approximately 50% of all nursing home residents in the region. Textured dishes are purees molded with specialized equipment for improved appearance and presentation, while also ensuring food safety for users. Thanks to the expertise acquired by the Outaouais CISSS, many residents will be able to rediscover the simple joy of eating.

Wearable Bladder Scanner

Cardiology staff often must perform multiple ultrasound scans of their patient’s bladder. This used to mean having to borrow the necessary equipment from the neurology department, where it is also frequently needed. The situation resulted in delayed treatments and higher risks of infection. An investment from the Foundation allowed for the purchase of a vesical ultrasonograph specifically for the cardiology department, allowing the team to provide their patients with much better care.

New Technegas Technology

The Foundation helped bring this new device to Gatineau’s nuclear imaging team. The new technology allows patients aged 40 and under, as well as pregnant women, to benefit from nuclear imaging while receiving greatly reduced radiation doses. It is also used to reduce secondary kidney diseases linked to the use of intravenous contrast agents in people over 65 years of age.

Intra-Aortic Balloon

The CISSS Outaouais hemodynamics team used to have only one intra-aortic balloon pump. A second piece of equipment was needed since the balloon pump needs to accompany patients during urgent trips. The Foundation invested $80,000 to ensure that the service now has access to two devices, ensuring better and more secure treatment.

Software and Applications for Cardio Memo Heart Monitors and Pacemakers

The cardiac electrophysiology laboratory had acquired 15 new cardiac monitors thanks to generous donors. However, their implementation required new software and applications. A $45,000 contribution from the Foundation allowed the lab to put all 15 devices into use in September 2018.


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