CISSS de l’Outaouais COVID-19 Emergency Fund Campaign


We launched this campaign last March in order to support the CISSS de l’Outaouais in the fight against COVID-19. Since then, more than $250,000 in donations have been raised thanks to the exceptional generosity of our donors, whose contributions demonstrated our community’s tremendous engagement towards our region’s healthcare system.   


Since April 1st, our fundraising efforts on social media, through our newsletter and by mail and telephone have convinced hundreds of donors to lend us their support in facing this pandemic. Among other things, our donors have raised over $415,000 for the COVID-19 Emergency Fund.


We especially want to highlight the generosity of the numerous donors who answered our call to help set up a COVID-19 Emergency Fund, with a particular nod to the exceptional contributions of the Fondation Choquette-Legault, Mr. Maurice Marois, the Heafey Group, Brookfield Renewable Power/Evolugen, Mr. Nicolas Tremblay, the Junic Group, the Frontline Fund and Mr. Charles Masse.

Thank you all for your trust and support during this pandemic.

Like hundreds of donors, you too can help by investing in health care and supporting the fight against coronavirus.  



Thanks to your donations, we can make a difference

Since the creation of the COVID-19 Emergency Fund last March, the Gatineau Health Foundation has launched a number of initiatives supporting the employees and patients of the CISSS de l’Outaouais. Here are some of our most recent achievements :



Security : Over 100,000 procedural masks


“Our guardian angels are working tirelessly despite the risk of contracting COVID-19. As they face constant pressure in their fight against this invisible enemy, they can become vulnerable to fatigue and anxiety. And yet they go back to work every day to protect the rest of us. We need to keep them safe too.” Jean Pigeon, Director General, Gatineau Health Foundation


In recent weeks, our efforts to deal with this ongoing crisis have focused on finding a trusted supplier offering competitive prices for equipment that meets the Department of Health and Social Services’ standards. Charles Masse, Vice-President of the Heafey Group, immediately stepped up to help by putting his network to good use and contributing financially as an individual and through the Heafey Group. Thanks to his hard work and perseverance, the Foundation was finally able to get its hands on more than 100,000 procedural masks that were handed over to the CISSS de l’Outaouais.


“We are very grateful for the work done by the Gatineau Health Foundation and the Heafey Group. By contributing resources, time and energy to securing this large order of masks, they have shown the strength of their commitment to help the region’s health and social services system meet its needs, which are especially great given the current pandemic. I thank them wholeheartedly.” Josée Filion, President and Executive Director of the CISSS de l’Outaouais


Recognition :

Since April 14th, we have been comforting employees at the Hull and Gatineau hospitals by distributing free coffee or tea. In collaboration with the CISSS de l’Outaouais, the Foundation has also redesigned the facade of its La Fringale snack bars to install cashier windows that will limit contacts and ensure a safe environment for all.


Last March, as per public health guidelines, the Foundation had to close its service locations. This left employees at both hospitals with only limited access to food and beverages. With employees working long hours, the demand for coffee has skyrocketed. Distributing free hot beverages is just a small gesture of recognition, but it can make someone’s day !


In these trying times, we have been amazed by the creativity, the innovative thinking and most of all the tremendous generosity of our wonderful donors. The Foundation is working closely with the CISSS de l’Outaouais to redistribute the goods offered by the community.

A huge thank you for recognizing our work, comforting us and encouraging us with a smile after a long day’s work! Small gestures like these help us push forward and they truly warm our hearts. They make all the difference in the world, and make us feel appreciated and important… thank you !!!

-Ms Girard, CISSS de l’Outaouais Employee


Comfort :

Other support initiatives are going to be taking shape over the coming days and weeks. In particular, we are coordinating with Outaouais CHSLDs to provide residents with small treats that would usually be brought in by their families, such as chips, candy or chocolate. 


We also provided the CISSS de l’Outaouais with 300 electronic tablets to facilitate virtual meetings with family members in various healthcare settings. This was made possible, thanks to a generous contribution from Telus Business Solutions.


Our team has set up a mobile convenience store to distribute free treats to CHSLD residents in the Outaouais region.  


“CHSLD residents were used to receiving small treats when their family members visited them or when they were handed out as snacks during various activities. They were simply delighted to receive the treats, and we are all very grateful!” Isabelle Bourdages, Special Education Teacher and Manager of Recreation at CHSLD Ernest-Brisson


Futhermore, we are now providing the bedside monitor service free of charge in all 277 rooms at the Hull and Gatineau hospitals, which gives patients access to basic television channels.


“Thanks to the community’s donations, we can bring some comfort to the patients, which helps relieve their loneliness and reduces their stress during this exceptional period where even visits are prohibited.” Jean Pigeon, Director General


To achieve this result, the Foundation and the service provider entered an agreement in which the associated fees will be jointly assumed by the Foundation and the CISSS de l’Outaouais. Access to the television channels was granted on May 8 for an indefinite period of time.


Hope :

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, only the most critical and urgent cancer screening and treatment patients are receiving regular care. Meanwhile, others are having their appointments cancelled or rescheduled.


The goal of our La Marche en Rose and Cyclotour Santé Outaouais fundraising campaigns is to purchase cancer detection and treatment equipment. In light the current situation, the Gatineau Health Foundation has chosen to maintain both events, although they are being pushed back to the fall.


As a result, the Cyclotour Santé Outaouais is postponed to Saturday, September 12th and the La Marche en Rose will take place on Sunday, September 13th.


The proceeds from the La Marche en Rose campaign will be used to purchase a new tomosynthesis machine for our mammograms, which will reduce waiting times for breast cancer screening and enable more accurate diagnoses. As for the Cyclotour Santé Outaouais, it will finance the purchase of a brachytherapy scheduling apparatus that will cut prostate cancer treatment times and increase treatment room availability for other patients undergoing radiation therapy.


Because of the ongoing pandemic, your support is needed more than ever. Please consider helping the CISSS de l’Outaouais and the many patients affected by the new virus.


We will spare no effort to ensure the success of this campaign, which is also being carried out through a telephone campaign. If you get a call from one of our employees, we hope you will respond favourably. Every donation will make a difference.


Best Wishes

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