Charlotte Mantha Endowment Funds

On January 17, 2019, Charlotte Mantha, at barely 3 years old, died as a result of complications of influenza. Parents want to honor their daughter’s memory and mobilize the public on the importance of investing in pediatric care in our region. That’s why they decided to create the Charlotte Mantha Endowment Fund.

An endowment fund consists of funds received and invested in the long term, the annual proceeds of which are used to finance projects. The objectives of the Endowment Fund are long term to protect donor input and to ensure an annual investment product in perpetuity, which must be spent according to donor guidelines.

“Our goal is to raise funds to improve the pediatric system in the Outaouais to give meaning to this tragic event.” – Nancy Bouchard and Nicolas Mantha, parents of Charlotte

The Gatineau Health Foundation supports the parents in their fundraising efforts and will accompany them at all stages of the process.

You can also contribute to the creation of this fund by making a donation.


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