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Each year, the Outaouais CISSS draws up a list of priority needs for its departments. This annual list, adopted by the Outaouais CISSS board of directors, is then submitted to the Foundation which directs its fundraising efforts towards these projects throughout the year.    


Although many things have been put on hold during these difficult times, disease is not one of them. That’s why we are committed to pursuing our mission in support of various projects at the CISSS de l’Outaouais. Thanks to valuable donors like you, we are hoping to fulfill commitments totalling more than $2,500,000 to our beneficiary.    





The Pierre-Janet Hospital’s health care professionals and administrative staff are dedicated to creating an enjoyable living environment for their patients in order to improve their health. This is why they decided to develop an outdoor space that will include a therapeutic walking path, a multi-sport field, exercise and activity stations, and a playground. Various spaces will be set up all along the walking path, each offering a different type of physical activity or event. These facilities are an important part of the positive care and rehabilitation environment the Hospital is striving to provide for its patients, with hospitalizations lasting approximately 50 days on average. A good living environment is just as essential as medical or pharmacological treatment and healthy lifestyle habits for achieving wellness in patients suffering from severe and persistent mental illness.  


This important project is led by Dr. Richard Bergeron, psychiatrist at Pierre-Janet Hospital. He is so committed to providing the best care possible to patients that he has personally stepped in to help by matching all donations raised by the Foundation. Double your contribution’s impact by giving to this project on our website.  


Given the current situation and public health guidelines, many of our events have been cancelled. We must show flexibility—not to mention creativity—to adapt to these new challenges and achieve our mission to the fullest. Our team is hard at work doing just that. Here are some of our most recent initiatives.  



Computerized Request Processing

Gatineau’s four CHSLD nursing homes (La Pietà, Ernest-Brisson, Lionel-Émond and Renaissance) have a capacity of more than 600 permanent residents. These four centres alone send out thousands of blood and urine samples for laboratory analysis each year.  


Currently, none of the four nursing homes are equipped to computerize their process for requesting laboratory analyses. All requests are completed manually by the staff and sent by internal mail. This project aims to equip all four nursing homes with computer tools like scanners and printers in order to streamline the request process.


Project Benefits :

  • Reduced delays and faster patient management;
  • Reduced risk of errors associated to manual request entries;
  • Optimized resource allocation resulting in greater availability of nursing staff for patient care.


Cost : $10,000


2019-2020 all priorities : coming soon 



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